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FREEDOM RESEARCH PODCAST #2. Professor Norman Fenton. Cancel Culture and the Arrival of the “Boiling Era”.

Professor Fenton describes us how he got cancelled because of pointing to the factual errors of the Covid narrative and talks about the hypocrisy surrounding the climate change movement.

Norman Fenton is a mathematician and a Professor Emeritus of Risk at Queen Mary University of London (retired as Full Professor Dec 2022). He is considered a leading expert in probalistic risk assessement. He has published 7 books and over 400 peer reviewed articles. He is also a Director of Agena, a company that specialises in artificial intelligence and Bayesian probabilistic reasoning.

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Since 2020 he has been analysing data related to the Covid-19 pandemic. With his colleague professor Martin Neil and others he has researched a variety of pandemic-related topics and written about them, e.g. about vaccine safety, excess deaths, Covid lethality, and exposing flaws in the data presented by the governments. Fenton's and Neil's Substack publication is called “Where are the numbers?”. We have also written about their work here.

Exposing the so-called Covid narrative is one of the reasons for getting cancelled in today's world, Professor Fenton explains in the talk. And as he was one of the presenters of the 2015 BBC's very mainstream climate documentary we can definitely ask him – what do the numbers show us about the climate catastrophy, we have been promised? Might there be other sides to this story?

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