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FREEDOM RESEARCH PODCAST #3. Nick Hudson. Similarities Between Covid and Climate Change Narratives and Thoughts on Modern Day Fascism.

Nick Hudson, chairman of PANDA, tells us in an interview how he became a leading critical voice of unscientific Covid policies and about the global challenges humanity is facing after the pandemic.

How to know when you are not dealing with facts but a true scam? Nick Hudson has a really simple way of telling: “If there are three things happening, then you know you are dealing with a scam. If something is presented as a global crisis admitting only global solutions and in an environment where dissenting voices are cancelled. If those three things are present – global crisis, global solution, censorship of dissenting voices – then you are definitively dealing with a scam. No exceptions.”

Does this sound familiar? Is he talking about Covid or climate change? Listen to the podcast to find out.

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Nick Hudson is from South Africa. He is an actuary with broad international experience in finance and a long career as a private equity investor. He is a co-founder and chairman of Pandemics – Data and Analytics or PANDA. PANDA was established in April 2020 by a group of multidisciplinary professionals, who perceived the global reaction to Covid - from lockdowns to mandates - as overwrought and damaging to the point of causing a great tear in the fabric of society. Besides publishing fact-based information on Covid, the group has also been highlighting the problems and challenges related to topics such as climate change, censorship, centralisation of power in the world, etc. You should also check out their writings here on Substack – PANDA Uncut.

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