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No Amnesty, forgiving or sympathy for any who conspired to create Covid, release Covid, pretended the injected crap they called VACCINE was a cure', are all in the firing line!

As are the tasks listed below in my 2024 list of things to do!

If you think Covid injections (that they still refer to as 'VACCINES') proved to have "CONSIDERABLE SIFDE EFFECTS" from the Trial data (which they pretended was 'SCIENCE'), you can multiply the stats by ten-fold, because many of these Trials, Tests and Safety investigations were carried out, 'in house', by the unscrupulous makers of these profitable but USELESS POISONS! That can't be fair and reasonable!

....................and still thousands of friends, relatives and neighbours of, who they describe as 'Covid Victims' - with (supposed) 'Long Covid', fail to realise that the 'EXPERIMENTAL INJECTION' (called Covid vaccine) is the most likely cause of all of these consequences. Thousands of VAX DEATHS and perhaps millions of permanent or semi-permanent life-changing health issues, or perhaps some with just an unquantifiable reduced 'Life Expectancy', deliberately caused by these poisonous injections.

2024 is gonna be a busy year, these are some of our major priorities and tasks we have to achieve;

1. Stop Big Pharma killing (CULLING) humanity with their deadly injections they still call VACCINES!

2. Stop the recently re-opened Wuhan Institute labs from experimenting with viruses to maximise their deadly impact upon HUMANS.

3. Destroy the intentions of the World Economic Forum to Control us by INJECTIONS ('Vaccines'), enslaving us by Genetic modification achieved by the mRNA they pretend is useful for defeating diseases.

4. Disband the Corrupt World Health Organisation which we 'terminated' on the 30th November 2023.

5a. Reintroduce LIABILITY into the pharmaceutical marketplace by determining that all drug and medicine makers have to accept ALL legal responsibility for their products.

5b. Back-date LIABILITY to 2020 so that the likes of Pfizer, Moderna, etc, have to sufficiently compensate those that suffered health impact related to Big Pharma's dirty and frequently DEADLY injections that were intended to reduce the World's population.

6. Arrest and prosecute those all involved in the planning, creation and release of the Covid Scamdemic and remove these evil murdering 'animals' from our once wonderful planet.

7. Arrest and prosecute all involved in manufacturing the DEADLY injections they pretended were a "SAFE and EFFECTIVE" cure for the man-made Covid disease. They too must be exterminated for their crimes against humanity!

7b. Stop Pfizer from trying to 'avoid prosecution for mass-murder by claiming false BANKRUPTCY to avoid justice and their LIABILITY for the DEATHS and injuries their DEADLY injected poisons caused.

8. Arrest and prosecute all Politicians and other influencers of the Covid & Vax scams, as they are party to the mass murder of millions who were encouraged to accept the DEADLY injections. The same deadly fate must apply to these accomplices.

9. Arrest and prosecute all media personnel and those who advertised the DEADLY injections as "SAFE & EFFECTIVE" medicines. The same fate will apply to these insane participators of genocide.

10. Ensure the now Corrupt organisations that assisted in promoting the Vax Genocide upon humanity. These include organisations such as The US FDA, CDC, The United Nations, any remaining members of the, now defunct, World Health Organisation. the BBC and many other culpable persons, organisation heads, politicians and all others who participated in the worst example of genocide ever witnessed on our planet.

11. Reintroduce HANGING for all found culpable of the sinister misdemeanours shown above.

This list is just the beginning of our intentions to free our planet from the evil clutches of those that mean us to be SLAVES, and that have been manifesting their plans over the past century and beyond!

2024 is going to be a very busy but HAPPY NEW year!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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