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The fallout from this egregious assault on our freedoms, societies, economies and hitherto established public health norms, common sense and rational debate has caused untold harm and continues to play out.

I challenged my MP repeatedly during the three year dystopia; she did agree that the young, the poor and the self employed bore the brunt of the damage, but continued to insist that masks, jabs ,social distancing ,testing etc.,were effective, despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

Having resisted all of it- jabs, masks, tests, track and trace- I now read with dismay about the looming WHO Pandemic Treaty.

The west is falling into disarray, riven by propaganda, mendacious technocracy, cultism: Open Borders, Net Zero ,agitprop, anti-Semitism, groupthink and an elite determined to maintain the power grab sanctioned by the lockdown lunacy.

However, resistance is growing across Europe, while we Brits hope for a similar challenge to this dystopian New Normal, peddled by wealthy hypocrites.

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