Scotland is now confined by the lunacy of the Hate Crime legislation, as the cops struggle to log the tsunami of complaints, while criminals make the most of the predictable get-out-of-jail free agenda now prevailing.

Thanks to the Holyrood Commissars, we are now living in Stasi-land, with sanctioned snooping and an increase in criminality:


Poland is now embarking on a similar route to verbal and cognitive imprisonment:


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Indeed, the lunacy of "hate crime" laws is rolling out in several countries and taking an increasing toll on these European societies.

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Is Scotland now a muslim country? Mick.

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'Freedom of speech' enables us to communicate others about the New World Order's (WEF) intentions to dominate and enslave those that survived their CULL by man-made Covid and associated EMERGENCY injections (they pretend are vaccines). These are tools of their DEPOPULATION exercise and cannot be hindered by 'knowledge of the truth'. Freedom of Speech must be eliminated in order to complete the Elite's dream of luxuriating on a planet with hundreds of mindless slaves doing their bidding. (That's you - if you refused the injections). To allow FREEDOM OF SPEECH will interrupt and delay their evil and corrupt plans.

'LIABILITY' for 'vax' injuries and deaths by vax must be immediately reintroduced for ALL medicines as the vastly increasing rates of INJURIES and DEATHS that follow these 'cowboy' CURES must be regarded as weapons for 'ATTEMPTED MURDER' or 'PREMEDITATED MURDER'.

To continue allowing Big Pharma to get away with these crimes is a deadly farce simply designed for them to profit, unhindered by the inconvenience litigation for the likes of Pfizer and others.

ZERO LIABILITY is insane and without any form of reasoning except for 'PROFIT' and 'DEPOPULATION'.

Why do we continue to allow our law makers to trample us into the ground with nonsense rules and laws?

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer.

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The dictionary description for the word 'VACCINE had to be dramatically modified recently in order to accommodate the new 'experimental' injections which included no remnants nor active components of the disease they were created to combat. The reason for this was to accommodate new injection of mRNA materials that can, and do, have sinister impact on humanity = DEPOPULATION and SLAVERY to survivors and those that resisted these EXPERIMENTS!

NO LIABILITY for 'Vax' makers is the most obvious clue as to the 'World depopulation conspiracy'.

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer

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