I admire you, Dr. Nass, and your dedication in fight for humanity. It's a fight against the evil powers.. The brainwashed masses must finally wake up!

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We must exit the WHO!

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Exiting WHO is exiting tyranny and psychopathic totalitarian lunatics .

The agenda 2030 is ABOUT DEPOPULATION, to allow billionaire thugs to steal yout assets and freedoms and turn you into a slave or serf .

Their entire agenda of outright made up LIES and non science. whether it be climate change , carbon, food crisis, injecting and nano chipping humans and animals is beyond TREASON.

Leave our planet alone. Mother Nature will terminate us as needed

We have seen a MINIMUM of five mass extinctions (often with ice ages - most know only of dinosaurs ).

Humans are actually evolving AND RULERS and we are doing a good job.

We still have some clean up and we are already AWARE of it - (oceans, plastics etc., eating more nutritious )

Humans do not NEED big Govt (small.local is ALWAYS BETTER) or unelected thugs that think their money makes them owners of humans as slaves.

We are at war and the enemy is our own governments carrying out the globalist agenda.


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Americans better wake the heck up. The federal government has no authority to make any agreement that violates our Constitution and what they are doing does violate our US Constitution. The federal government has no constitutional authority over health. That is a state issue. Just like they have no authority over the environment. They can twist the Constitution anyway they like to push forward their communist agenda but the fact remains the Congress makes law and only the Congress and any law that violate their 18 enumerated powers is null and void. States are the final arbiter of the Constitution not the federal government and that includes the Supreme Court. Americans have been so dumbed down they have no clue when it comes to the Constitution and who has the authority and who does not. The federal government was set up by the states and people and the goal was to extremely limte the federal government and we have lost sight of that. Time to get your legislators on board. Executive Orders......do you know that EOs only pertain to the employees of the Executive Branch?? No? Well then you really need to sit down and do some studying and some reading. In TN we hope to pass legislation in 2024 that establishes a process in which to invoke nullification and when this crap comes down from the federal government and the WHO we are going to tell them to stick it. tncss.substack.com and our website is tncss.weebly.com

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Stalinism 2.0, brought to us by the parasites who are now proliferating at our expense and awarding themselves ever more control ; if this continues, we shall end up as a virtual Borg Collective, where resistance will be futile.

"Divide the world into regional groups as a transitional stage to world government. Populations will more readily abandon their national loyalty to a vague regional loyalty than they will for a world authority. Later the regions can be brought together all the way into a single world dictatorship."

Uncle Joe said this; he also said this :

"Words are one thing - deeds something entirely different. Fine words are a mask to cover shady deeds. A sincere diplomat is like dry water or wooden iron."

Shady deeds ,WHO style.

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Anthony Hopkins in Legends of the Fall , Screw the WHO would make a good poster! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THP1wlGT2fA

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In my version of the Garden of Eden one should always be encouraged to eat from the tree of knowledge but should never meddle with the tree of life as that is above the pay grade of ANY human: past, present or future. Think of the sorcerers apprentice and all the unanticipated problems his meddling created. Those of us that understand the complexity of the global ecosystem tend to abide by the precautionary principle. The globalists have the audacity to think they can meddle with the Tree of Life with no consequence. They they seem to abide by the "Let's just do shit and see what happens" principle. I can't seem to find an antonym for the Precautionary Principle.

Our globalist corporations have obviously ignored this warning as GMO farming began/expanded in the early 1990's. Using CRISPR and other cutting edge technologies they have meddled with the tree of life: terminator seeds, plants that produce insecticides (which we eat), spraying plants with Glyphosate etc. Already it is clear these technologies are causing harm to human health. Then we have fluoride in the water supply, endocrine disruptors, PFAS chemicals etc., in or food and water. None of this makes sense and represents a willful refusal to consider what our collective knowledge (e.g., the tree of knowledge) should be telling us about the harm these substances unleash on the human population. But is goes on unabated because global corporations can profit in the short run.

Then came the Plandemic and the mRNA vaccines the did not prevent infection/transmission but did cause considerable harm and death. Worse yet there is growing evidence that these mRNA injections may actually be modifying our DNA and the consequences are just beginning to be understood. Of course this has all been ignored by globalist corporate media. And over the past year I have read numerous papers about self assembly nanobots within the vaccines and much more. I've yet to write about this subject as, at first, I was a skeptic. But perhaps it is time to cover the subject because there is plenty of evidence/papers etc. which suggest the globalists want to use mRNA concoctions in conjunction with 5G EMF radiation to control our moods and literally allow the government to get inside our heads. And thanks to the author for detailing the programs that are already underway.

It is now obvious that the WEF, UN, WHO etc. want full control of humanity. They aren't even shy about their plans: a Great Reset where you will own nothing (and really won't be happy at all). And it is all spelled out in Agenda21, Agenda2030, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's). They have very complex plans to exert control of every human on planet Earth. Their goal is a fully controlled global population -- which will relegate every human to the status of a slave on a globalist plantation.

WE THE PEOPLE, of planet Earth, need to immediately unite behind our own complex agenda in order to stop this globalist coup. To that end I've put together what I call the "Put People First" agenda, which has developed over the past 5 years. I'm encouraging everyone to endorse this agenda and cite your support at City Council, School Board meetings as well as during protests. As Benjamin Franklin once said at the signing of the Declaration of Independence: "We must all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately." Here is the PPF agenda as it currently exists:

* No Lockdowns EVER again

* No forced masking ANYWHERE

* No forced vaccinations under ANY circumstance

* Absolutely no vaccine passports or digital currency

* Reinstate all of those that lost jobs for refusing to get the mRNA injection, including all of our Healthcare workers

* Universal non-coercive choice: Wearing a mask or getting a mRNA injection will be up to each individual and there will be ABSOLUTELY no penalty for not complying in or out of the workplace.

* No more censorship of ANYONE whether that be on social media, corporate media or at the workplace. No one should ever be censored or punished for exercising their First Amendment Right to Free Speech.

* Impeach Biden/Harris and reinstate Trump as our president.

* Stop the LGBTQ and CRT indoctrination in our schools and corporations

* Stop the Climate Agenda and make Energy Independence Priority Number One.

* Send every Illegal Alien, that Biden has brought in through Open Borders, back home.

* Stop the illegal mass imigration invasion worldwide

* Legalize the personal cultivation of Cannabis, Psilocybin.

* Legalize the right to take Ivermectin, Hydrochloriquine and other anti-viral herbs and drugs

* Legalize the right to choose when it comes to vaccines, abortion, drugs etc.

* Eliminate Genetically modified vaccines, plants, animals (fish, cattle etc.) and the use of Glyphosate.

* Eliminate the use of Geoengineering: Chemtrails, HAARP etc.* Eliminate the fluoridation of our water supply.

* Stop allowing Blackrock, and other financial institutions from buying up residential properties which will make it impossible for future families to own a home and build up equity.

* Demand your government defund and exit the UN, WHO and WEF


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Great teaser, will share! You look lovely in this interview, Dr Nass :)

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Generally when any normal sane person decides he's going to murder someone, he or they count the cost and of course the get away. Murder for whatever reason has a motive and sane people, especially the smarter will evaluate who probably will investigate and of course if ur in the power loop, ur going to be sure and compromise the investigation. That is knowing who has authority to upon realizing its murder are going to cry foul N begin a concerted effort investigating.

Despite the overwhelming evidence there is a murder taking place and murder has already taken place don't U find it strange that not a single law enforcement agency has moved on even doing a cursory investigation? Next who has a motive for murder that qualifies as genocide? Next WHO has the power to obfuscate a genocide?

Now if I were a hospital Administrator, or CEO of Phizer, Moderna or Johnson n Johnson I wud have to be more then doubly sure they had the power to protect me despite the fact I'm gettong obscenely rich! Now this yokel from the WEF and the WHO, despite anyone's claim doesn't have this kind of power to protect ANYONE including themselves from genocide charges that are verifiable. Well....the question then who has that kind of power? If U think it's the President n his cabinet, then U shud leave the forum, because U lack even rudimentary knowledge to ask intelligent questions.

Nevertheless, it isn't Deep State driving this,although they R participants. Deep State is a euphemism for those ignorantof who really n truly runs the American government. Congress n Senate only occassionally thriw sand in the gears of this secret entity in many governments of which the US is its chief weapon for wars, chaos, socialism and now of course pandemia's and any weapon capable if mass murder covertly.

Question U shud ask urself, why not a SINGLE US Law enforcement entity has any intetest in investigating this mass genocide. Surely in the vast group of forensics experts surely someone or plural, people with requisite skills cud, but don't. Why?

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For everyone who is interested in the true story around covid, namely that it is, in fact: A cyber physical backbone! https://telestai.substack.com/p/approaching-truth

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Very clear and concise. The basics need to be laid out like this for normies to get it.

Is this video available to share (to normies) on any other platforms (youtube etc)?

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Le Dr Nass est incroyable

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