This excellent analysis encapsulates the rot now pervading Britain-and much of the west-as the Commissars extend their control over our basic freedoms, while condoning the unravelling of our long established civic norms and allowing dangerous entitled extremists a free rein.

We have dirty streets, an increase in inconsiderate behaviour-as rights trump responsibilities- a brainwashed Left which has embraced radical Islamism,the sexploitation of young children, the cynical adoption of DEI by opportunistic CEOs and a growing army of disturbed individuals who demand the unchallenged right to be treated and accepted as the opposite sex.

The recent denunciation of the Islamist mobs colonising our streets by MPs Lee Anderson and Suella Braverman ,has led to an outpouring from the usual suspects of shrieking outrage ,with calls for Islamophobia to be condemned, while our Jewish citizens are under siege and our MPs are threatened and terrorised for their support of Israel.

Since the truly awful lockdowns I have witnessed a steady decline in decency, personal,corporate and official responsibility, wisdom and probity, while rational debate and freedom of thought have been replaced by emotional incontinence,intolerant tolerance and malignant stupidity.

It seems that the citizens of eastern Europe,with their memories of recent totalitarian domination, have resisted the rot so far, although Donald Tusk's 'democratising' of Polish society apoears to meet with the full approval of the Brussels Nomenklatura.

Will Britain turn back the tide? Truly, I don't know,but I fear the looming collsion of Net Zero commitments with endless mass migration and the entrenchment of wokus pokus.

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Thank you for the link, an insightful, thought-provoking piece of writing indeed. And thank you for the comments.

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typos- collision and appears

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