Takeaway: Our solutions to our problems are not only worse than our problems, but also our problems are often invented by a criminal syndicate possessing government power who advance their criminal agenda by proposing “government solutions” to those “problems.”

This scam is not new, it’s been going on since the beginning of recorded history.

Historically, big government has been the vehicle for the transfer of wealth from the producers to the non-producers (extremely rich and extremely poor) through the collection of taxes that are then used to pay government contractors for “solutions” to “problems.” This happened in Rome, it happened in Constantinople, it happened in Alexandria - and it’s happening in Washington. Big government always ends up this way. The scam enfeebles, impoverishes, and destroys society, as does all criminal activity, because it incentivizes people to be scam artists rather than honest producers.

The founders of the American constitution were well aware of these historic abuses and sought to address them through limited, constitutional government.

Real solution: Focus on building the welfare of the citizenry from the ground up by encouraging personal religious experience, the family unit, health, education, participation in civic life, personal responsibility, and service to the community.

There is no such thing as fixing social degeneracy through “good government,” and where the citizenry is God centered, moral, and strong, there is very little need for government and government regulation.

We are inundated with a disgusting flood of trash consciousness through a media designed to make us all Godless degenerate morons. They know that the more degeneracy that exists the more people will demand more government.

Confront trash media, pop culture, Hollywood narratives, utopian ideologies, fake science, big government, global corporate scam artists, techie Neo capitalists, arrogant academic bobble heads, and all of their ilk with a bold assault of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness in whatever spheres you operate. This is the ancient and time honored definition of Love, and God, while unfathomable, cannot be less than Love. Bring Reality to bear to dispel their unreality. Do not let the young people around you latch on to materialistic, selfish, egoistic notions of what it means to be human, or what is humanly ideal.

Attend daily to your spiritual practices, honor your obligations and meet your duties, and find ways to serve those around you.

Do not forget to promote truly great human cultural production to others because greatness of human thought, feeling, and action eclipses and makes absurd their small, atheistic notion of human consciousness. Human consciousness is so much more than a mechanical series of electrochemical that can be programmed and manipulated.

As for governance, preach the de-centralization of power, limited government, federalism, separation of powers, competition through truly open markets, competition in the marketplace of ideas, the objective rule of law, and above all, personal responsibility. Educate others about why these concepts are absolutely essential to human prosperity and freedom.

If you can, start a small business and compete against the giants. 100 million small, local businesses can easily defeat one large global behemoth.

Do not just denounce these establishment criminal degenerates; instead, boldly advance the real solution, the spiritual solution, the mature solution to these social issues.

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Since 2019, nothing can be believed. Australia and New Zealand are now full-blown (WEF) NAZI. They now lock up honest Whistle Blowers who reveal the dishonest and deadly (but highly profitable) health issues that Pfizer, Moderna, etc, participate in.

NZ make up ridiculous lies and nonsense charges for those they pretend are 'Whistle Blowers" suggesting The TRUTH is "not in NZ public interests".

The people they are protecting are their 'ELITE Controllers' within the New World Order (= WEF) who need to destroy TRUTH in favour of their DEPOPULATION & CONTROL PLAN which Big Pharma delivers (by Injection) to all those they now CONTROL through fear, coercion, lies and manipulation.

Covid is/was a SCAMDEMIC which supposedly justified an untested, unproven, suspicious INJECTION they pretend is a 'VACCINE', but in reality, is a human CULL - for enormous FINANCIAL REWARD for all those involved in the deceit.

Pfizer's, Moderna's, (etc.) 'ZERO LIABILITY' for DEADLY 'EXPERIMENTAL' injections was peddled as "Safe & Effective"! Just one of the most obvious clues that tells you all you need to know about the reality of our new, evil world of impending SLAVERY - which was launched upon the world in 2019.

Covid was an intended and manufactured depopulation farce!

Covid injections were useless but DEADLY and were created to support the Depopulation farce!

Big Pharma (Pfizer, Moderna, etc,) enjoy ZERO LIABILITY for deadly experimental Covid injections.

It's all part of the World Economic Forum's (WEF) New World Order which is denigrating humans so they become SLAVES for the WEF's Elite.

'Net Zero' is yet another WEF-manipulated part of the New World Order's take-over - which they have planned for decades!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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