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Oct 15, 2023Liked by Hannes Sarv

Right think,agitprop and wokus pokus exposed : 'far right' extremism according to the Thought Police: women do not have willies- ask us! Net Zero is based on selective modelling and bias and its imposition will immiserate millions,along with blackouts and the deaths of thousands upon thousands of birds, bats and marine mammals; Open Borders is a disastrous policy,as events in much of Europe prove beyond all doubt; Israel is not an apartheid state, it is the only democracy in the Middle East, now facing the worst threat since 1973;the EU's movers and shakers are encroaching on freedom of speech and thought, while simultaneously adhering to the Open Borders policies which have led to rising social unrest and loss of trust; the sexploitation of children- including offensive propaganda and drag queen story hour is wrong and reflects the widespread corruption infecting the west.

There, this makes me and millions of like minded others, members of the 'far right'.

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