Great job exposing the global elites’ stupidity in advocating climate change catastrophe which is a farce and a tool to expand CCP agenda of global domination through lies of westerners who believe in lies of climate change catastrophe for their selfish gains and interests...

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The Mayor of London, Kahn, is just another Schwab puppet. He's finished and will join others in the post-COVID Vax 'War Crimes' = Injected poison DEATHS TRIALS! Mick from Hooe (UK). Unjabbed to live longer!

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It's very suspicious to find that even when OFFICIAL data emanating from the NZ Government Covid Vax stats, proves covid vax IS DEADLY, the 'establishment' tries to suggest "the data does not exist", "has been falsified" or "is being misinterpreted". What an absolute nonsense!

We all now know the TRUTH - Covid is deliberately man-modified, the injection 'CURES' were made simultaneously while Covid was being 'engineered' and maximised to be LETHAL and the Injections they pretend are a VACCINE is really a Planned DEPOPULATION Cull.

Looking at the numbers quickly, the message seems to suggest that the DEADLY 'EXPERIMENTAL' INJECTIONS will double your likelihood of Cancer! Then there are all the many other diseases and illnesses the experimental injections seem to cause or exacerbate.

Don't forget pregnant women can expect frequent 'Stillborn' babies because of the useless but DEADLY injections. Then they can expect to be rendered INFERTILE. Is there anything good about this useless and sinister 'vaccine' CULL?

And the makers still assume total immunity from any/all LIABILITY for EVERY INJURY and DEATH that is caused by their poisons! How can this be logical, fair and reasonable?

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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