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The erasure of history is the road to tyranny; the noisy promotion of barmy assertions is a symptom of a deep social malaise; the moral inversion celebrated as progressive provides a get-out-of-jail-free card for the hosts of thoroughly bad actors now winning the propaganda war in Gaza.

The Middle East's sole democracy is trying to take down the lethal Hamas death squads ,embedded deep within crowded Rafah, while legions of Useful Idiots bray their support for the eradication of the Jewish state, the hideous Houthis and justify the aggressive terrorising of our Jewish communities by labelling them as oppressors, worthy of their fate.

The slippery leaders of the US and UK, with a senile POTUS in the US and a frankly biased unelected Foreign Secretary in the UK-Cameron-are now hanging Israel out to dry by calling for a sustainable ceasefire, while Hamas openly asserts its intention to resume its attacks on Israel,aided by the customary sadistic celebrations.

We should not forget that the short lived Czech democracy was abandoned by equally craven western leaders in 1938, when Hitler's annexation of the Sudeten land was nodded through.

Radical Islam is on the march, while the west cracks down on 'hate speech' aka -dissent-while mass migration destabilises what is left of formerly creative societies grounded in common sense, common purpose, expertise and national identity.

Can we arrest this lunacy or is it too late?

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I hope it is not.

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So do I ,but the UK- or at least Scotland, is now in the grip of the Hate Crime legislation- which threatens to confine us all in a 21st century iteration of the DDR, with sanctioned snooping recorded by a politicised Police Scotland.

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