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I do hope they have to sit outside all day, not in aircooled rooms, and get nothing to eat and drink but water and bugs. And I hope their private planes all get covered in a sand storm and they have to dig them out themselves with a shovel.. I n the meanwhile in Southern US we had one of the cooler years on record, not even in the top 10 with the highest temperature. Al Gore got rich on his lies.

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It's far more cost-effective to depopulate the planet with manufactured diseases and poisonous injections they call Covid Vax, than waste the Elite's personal fortunes by using their vast wealth to promote 'smaller family' incentives, with the same outcome.

Instead, they seem to have persuaded Pfizer, Moderna, etc, to add undisclosed dangerous materials into their EXPERIMENTAL mRNA injections. They can now even kill Mother and unborn child with the deadly Covid jab. These jabs render any 'female survivors of their pretend Covid Vax', infertile.

Big Pharma can do exactly what they are told by the New World Order because the FDA are also part of the depopulation plan.

Big Pharma do these illegal acts with NO LIABILITY and total impunity from any culpability. Insane?

Mick for Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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