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Thank you, Magnus, for this keen and thoughtful review of my book.

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Wow this article just blew me away, it summarises everything that I have had my eyes opened to since 2020. To put it so succinctly and highlight the key points is brilliant.

Be open to possibilities rather than wanting certainty, to embrace epistemic humility is to feel comfortable admitting you don't understand everything. Our society is generally bad at this, but it's an important concept and anyone who tells you they have the answers is either a conman, delusional, or giving in to arrogance and hubris.

We do not really know how to interfere with the way the world is. The way the world actually is, is an enormously complex interrelated organism.

The whole universe creates the next moment.

So how can we possibly try to control or interfere in this dance.

Thank You for this article.

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Thank you very much, Andrew, for this appreciation. I think the complexity of the world is a very important point, and how we can't truly or fully predict what is affecting what or in what way. I felt similar nourishment or acknowledgment when I first came across Mattias Desmet's book, well worth reading in full as well.

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So much has been 'contaminated' by the recent 'advancements in health' Covid was deliberately manufactured. The injection they call Covid Vax does nothing except harm or mortality for recipients.

The Gates' Corrupted World Health Organisation now ceases to exist. We, the people of the world have spoken!

When will this pre-meditated Mass Murder by injection cease? Too many of us now realise Covid was a deliberately engineered farse, and the DEADLY Covid injection is really a deliberate CULL organised by the many insane WEF 'Insane Elites' for their Global Warming depopulation targets!

In December 2023, an unfairly 'disgraced' UK Member of Parliament, Andrew Bridgen organised a Parliamentary debate with many senior Doctors, EXPERTS, and other 'Anti-Covid Vax HEROES'. The headline topics; Covid, the DEADLY VAX and deliberate 'Excess Deaths' that frequently follow the depopulating Covid injections called 'Vaccines'!

Every Doctor and medical EXPERT in attendance lays out the same truth, but typical (MSM) Mirror media coverage is tainted with the need to describe all these 'highly qualified medical experts' as 'Crackpots'.

It's the financially implicated media's simplest way of pretending the Covid Scamdemic was not a Plan to create a false need for a depopulating injection that the evil injection makers designed to increase their massive wealth whilst depopulating the planet. The desire of the Insane Elite of the New World Order (World Economic Forum) and their 2030 'Great Reset'!

"They (you & me) will own nothing but they will be happy" is the prediction of WEF leader 'Fuehrer' Adolf Schwab!

Adolf Schwab also predicts "Let them eat insects". He, like the other WEF lunatics, is totally insane!"

This insanity will continue as long as DEADLY INJECTION makers enjoy ZERO LIABILITY for the 'Excess Deaths' their injuries are causing."

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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