Great informative article, as you mentioned Judith Curry has some great information on her website and her book is fantastic


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Indeed, she has had the courage to speak out and set the tone.

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Earth is cooler with the atmosphere, water vapor, 30% albedo not warmer.

Ubiquitous GHE heat balance graphics use bad math& badder physics.

The kinetic heat transfer modes of the contiguous atmospheric molecules render the “extra” GHE LWIR energy of a BB surface impossible.

Consensus science has a well documented history of being wrong & abusing those who dared to challenge it.

GHE & CAGW are wrong so alarmists resort to fear mongering, lies, lawsuits, censorship & violence.

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288 K w GHE – 255 K wo GHE = 33 C cooler, -18 C, Earth.

Just flat wrong.

YouTube: Greenhouse Effect Theory Goes Kerbluey

GHE balance calculated 396 up/333 “back”/2nd net 63 unreal perpetual “extra” energy loop.

Just flat wrong.

YouTube: Atmospheric Heat Balances That Don't

Earth radiating 396 W/m^2 LWIR as a 16 C BB.

Just flat wrong.

Search: “Bruges group kerbluey”


Just flat wrong.


Just flat wrong.

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More albedo and the Earth cools.

Less albedo and the Earth warms.

No albedo and the Earth becomes much like the Moon, barren, i.e. no water, 400 K lit side, 100 K dark.

Geoengineers know this, why don’t they also admit it violates the frozen ice ball of GHE theory?



Average solar constant of 1,364 W/m^2 arrives at the top of the atmosphere.

Divide by 4 to average this discular area over a spherical area.

(Sphere of r has 4 times the area as a disc of r. This is Fourier’s model which even Pierrehumbert says is no good.)


Apply 30% albedo.

341*.7=238.7 (239)

Deduct 78 absorbed in atmosphere.

Net/net of 161 arrives at surface.

Per LoT 1 161 is ALL!! that can leave.

0.9 ground + 17 sensible + 80 latent + 1st 63 LWIR (by remaining difference) and balance is closed!!!!

(1st 63 LWIR is MIA??? Where did it go?? Did TFK palm it like a magic act??)

Where does this extra 396 upwelling come from??

It is the theoretical LWIR from a S-B BB calculation at 16 C, 289 K, that fills the denominator of the emissivity ratio, i.e. 63/396=0.16.

It is not real, it is “extra”, it violates LoT 1.

The 396 upwelling “measurement”/333 “back” cold to warm/a 2nd 63 LWIR GHE loop violates LoT 1 & 2.

Remove the 396/333/63 GHE loop from the graphic and the balance still holds.

Those who claim to measure 400 +/- W/m^2 upwelling from the surface are applying an incorrect emissivity.

This graphic and all of its clones are trash.

The kinetic heat transfer processes of the contiguous atmospheric molecules render a surface BB impossible.

Energy leaving any thermal system = Conduction + Convection + Advection (wind) + Latent (water condensation and evaporation) + Radiation = 100 %

63/(17+80+63) = 0.16

A BB only exists in a vacuum as I demonstrate by experiment.

There is no GHE and no CO2 driven CAGW.

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