Reading with much appreciation your articles.

I just shared with Norman - there's a great community and effort in Canada to make the truth related to excess deaths among since January 2022.

Hope you and your networks will also find it useful.

This includes:

Web App: http://opencanada.info (extended from https://open-canada.github.io/Apps/vitals),

Song and Video called "Who can tell me the truth?": https://youtu.be/F4AwuZn___E

Portal: https://whocantellmethetruth.ca/

(See https://ivim.substack.com/p/song-and-video-premiere-who-can-tell).

All these in effort to reach the minds and hearts of even those who are not suspecting anything - using not only the simplest possible statistical evidence, but also on a different level - though music and poetry.

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Thank you, will look into it as well!

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So many brave Scientist people tried to forestall that premature gene therapy had been rolled out... now it is time to hold up the disabled and to leverage the (multi)vaccinated's immune systems.

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Governments are failing to hide the truth.

First, the Government of Australia tried to hide the true number of vaccine-caused deaths in children and young people. A freedom of information request outed them.

I'm sure the Government of Israel would have preferred to keep silent about the fact that ZERO healthy Israelis between the ages of 18 and 49 died of COVID during the pandemic. They too were outed by a Freedom of Information request.


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Big balls. Fair play.

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