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Always a pleasure to read your challenging posts.

“What I'm saying is that we can bring CO2 emissions to zero, but this will not prevent climate change”

This is a truism but hides the more complex issues, by conflating warming of the surface of the earth and climate change.

The physics of radiative forcing is simple and well understood. Lawrence Kraus has an excellent short book on how the atmosphere acts as a duvet, and is more effective the more greenhouse gases there are (and CO2 is not the only one). The more there is, the warmer the surface temperature of the earth has to be to maintain thermal balance with space.

Climate change is a complex system, with over 25 possible parameters to fit into differential equations, and some of these parameters have wide ranges. Warming of the surface temperature of the earth is the main driver of climate change. It is a paradox that some regions of the world may become colder as a result of climate change, eg Britain.

I agree out current politicians policies to ‘deal with’ this are a scam and unworkable. Academics overwhelmingly agree the planet is in big trouble, but your statement “...big emerging and energy-hungry countries like India or China are planning to open up more and more coal-fired power plants, and coal exports hit a record high last year.” shows us where the real power is in the world.

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Thanks, Ian - always a pleasure to read your thoughtful comments!

We try to show the complexity of climate change and highlight different aspects that are often downplayed. Indeed, climate change is a complex system, as you rightly point out.

What we see in the mainstream narrative is that it has been reduced to a simplistic concept involving restrictions on individual freedoms and the growth of power.

We will soon be offering more expert views and smart opinions. Stay tuned for more straightforward interviews and pieces.

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One of the very worst consequences of the renewables love-in; birds, bats and cetaceans are dying, yet the Nut Zero Nomenklatura insists that this is the way to a 'sustainable ' future.

Human population growth: https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/

Our numbers are expected to reach 10 billion by 2100, assuming that is, that the present madness doesn't finish us off.

So, Nut Zero plus a steady rise in human numbers will require what? High rise pods to contain the millions, as solar arrays, bird choppers and huge battery storage sites proliferate?

Mass migration ,promoted by Open Borders ideology, is already threatening stability, cohesion, public trust and infrastructure, yet we are told it is the way to a 'sustainable' future, blessed by inclusivity and the dissolution of nationality , boundaries and identity.

Finally, here is a compilation of contemporary weather events in Britain from 1700-1849 :



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