Freedom Research was launched in the spring of 2023. The first months have been more successful than we could have imagined and we will continue to work hard for our readers.

You can read about our highlights here, and about the issues we will be following closely in 2024 here.

And now to answer the key questions - why, who and what.


21st century is witnessing a rekindled belief that the power of authorities should prevail over people's individual choices and principal intervention from power groups (both state and corporate) is indispensable in solving the problems of humankind. More restrictions, top-down subordinations and mandates are advocated to achieve progress ‘for the greater good’, ‘saving the planet’ etc. Mainstream groupthinking is increasingly used for swaying the prevailing mindsets and restricting free thought and speech, being driven by specific interests and ideologies. Those at odds with majority views, often wind up stigmatized or even expelled from public life, fired from their jobs etc. It seems that little has been learnt from the tragedies of the last century.


We are a consortium of international researchers looking deep into the overreach of state and corporate powers, authoritarian tendencies and command-and-control attitude, and how to stand up for our individual freedoms.

Experts from different fields - law, science, medicine, philosophy, journalism, literature etc - have joined forces to stand up for our free thought, speech, personal choices and self-realization. It is an effort to elaborate on a more realistic, rational and undogmatic approach to our civilization than the one channelled by the majority of mass media and the spokespersons of power.


Every week we publish analyses, essays, interviews, documentaries or bodies of research in different spheres of human life.

On Sunday each week, we publish a round-up of what we consider to be important news stories from around the world in the past week, covering mainly individual freedoms and the overreach of powers.

From health concerns to data mining, from climate to governance and identity issues to free speech, we strive to highlight worrisome tendencies and emphasize the need to defend our individual freedoms against arbitrary decisions and biased viewpoints. We aim at building a knowledge base that could offer support to independent thinkers and like-minded researchers.

At times we might add a tinge of humour or timeless messages from true humanist light bearers that can help in staying on the bright side.

We welcome contributions from other writers, as well as new hints and references that could assist us in our joint mission.

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Writer and analyst with a legal background. Experience in both public and private realms.
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