Excellent share, Thank you.

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Yes, our consciences are clear and we no longer question our own judgement and we know which relatives, colleagues and friends are averse to the topic and avoid any mention of it with them if possible. So, not blinded by alarm about ourselves we take the longer view - the man-made crisis of worldwide political and journalistic activism for abolition of use of fossil fuel, unwarranted veto on nuclear power and the damage being done.

Our national economies are being distorted and the thriving of legitimate and productive businesses is threatened and the standard of living of the lower 80% of our populations is being dragged down, throwing many who are even working more than one job below the poverty line.

We cannot stand by while others try to dismantle the Industrial Revolution with all the wonderful benefits it has brought to the entire world.

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Congratulation for this fantastic movie and your excellent work.

Would people want to read more about the subject, my book is free and can be downloaded here:


or here:




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Water vapor, clouds, ice, snow create 30% albedo which makes the Earth cooler not warmer.

W/o GHE there is no water and Earth goes lunarific, a barren rock ball, 400 K lit side, 100 K dark refuting a warming GHE.

“TFK_bams09” GHE heat balance graphic and ubiquitous clones don’t balance plus violate LoT.

Kinetic heat transfer processes of contiguous atmospheric molecules render a surface black body and it’s “extra” upwelling GHE energy impossible.

GHE is bogus and CAGW a scam so alarmists must resort to fear mongering lies, lawsuits, censorship and violence.

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Great piece. Optimistic. However, in the UK we have legislation forcing us to decarbonise, a process overseen by very well-paid members of the Climate Change Committee. Also all our main political Parties (Conservative, Labour, LibDem, Green) want to decarbonise and Labour when it comes to power next month will be worse than the Tories about this. The only Party with the intention to 'scrap Net Zero' is Reform UK. It is unlikely that they will gain many seats but, hopefully, a few which would mean a strong opposition to the idiocy reigning in our UK Parliament.

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Some people are making a lot of money in the 'climate change' industry and they won't give up their money, power and influence without a fight.

What will stop them is free speech.

They want to censor all opinions except for their opinion because they know their ideology is built upon sand and will wash away with the water of truth, facts and scrutiny.

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Yes … AFTER they STOLE all the $$ with the Inflation Reduction Act

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