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FREEDOM RESEARCH PODCAST #11. Tom Nelson. Making of Climate: The Movie and the Lack of Evidence for a Climate Emergency.

Tom Nelson, a podcaster and the producer of Climate: The Movie believes that more and more people are becoming aware that we are not living in a climate emergency.

“That there is a climate crisis or that the weather is getting worse or the Earth is too hot – there is no evidence for any of that. It is a complete crock, all of it, every single bit,” says Tom Nelson, a podcaster and the producer of Martin Durkin's Climate: The Movie (The Cold Truth) that takes on the mainstream climate narrative and with the help of world renowned scientists shows the huge cracks in it. “I think people are not stupid and we are never gonna accept a downgrade in our lifestyle to try and prevent bad weather,” he says and adds that there is going to be a revolt if the powers that be try to force this on people.

Tom Nelson has a MS degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and has been involved in tech and software for many years. He has been dealing with climate change topics since 2007, already publishing his works on different platforms. His podcast has featured many world renowned scientists who oppose the mainstream climate crisis narrative.

We discuss how Nelson developed his interest in climate change and why he calls the climate crisis propaganda a hoax or a crock, making of Climate: The Movie and the reasons for distributing it freely as far and wide as they can, the film's reception and censorship efforts on it, and other climate topics on social media, etc.

You can follow Nelson's work here.

You can watch Climate: The Movie here.