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FREEDOM RESEARCH PODCAST #6. Dr. Jennifer Marohasy. Climate Change as a Natural Phenomenon and the Role of CO2 in Our Ecosystem.

Australian biologist Dr Jennifer Marohasy argues in our podcast interview that we are not experiencing a climate crisis.

Dr. Jennifer Marohasy has critically looked at 'climate science' for many years now. She says that it is her passion and duty as a scientist to look at the data, not just agree with what the mainstream 'climate science' presents. And the data does not back up claims or conclusions such as having a 'climate crisis' or arriving in ‘the era of global boiling’. Dr. Marohasy argues our planet's climate changes constantly and this is a natural phenomenon – therefore CO2 emissions caused by humans cannot be blamed. We also talk about the health of the Great Barrier Reef and how temperature data has been 'cooked' to show constant warming, although the actual data does not back it up. For more info about her work, please visit Dr. Marohasy's webpage.

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