FREEDOM RESEARCH PODCAST #7. Dr. Valentina Zharkova. How the Climate Will Change in the Coming Decades and Why CO2 Has Nothing To Do With It

Astrophysicist and mathematician Dr. Valentina Zharkova says that instead of 'global boiling', we should expect decreasing temperatures on Earth in the near future.

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“CO2 is not a bad gas,” says Professor Valentina Zharkova of the UK's Northumbria University. She explains that it is the gas that every garden centre uses inside their greenhouses, to make the greenery flourish. She argues that nature actually needs more CO2 than is available today and would benefit from higher levels. “Those people who say that CO2 is very bad – they obviously did not study very well at the university or wherever they studied,” she opines.

But if CO2 is not causing climate change then what is? Professor Zharkova says it is the Sun and argues we are in a long term global warming trend due to the Sun being closer to Earth. But as solar activity is decreasing at the same time (the modern Grand Solar Minimum 2020-2053), we should actually expect decreasing temperatures or even a Little Ice Age over the next decades.

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Valentina Zharkova joined Northumbria University in September 2013 as a Professor of Mathematics and has taught the key Maths and Physics modules there. She has a PhD in astrophysics and has published more than 200 research papers, as well as a monograph on particle kinetics, and has contributed to or been an editor of several books.

For more information on her work please visit Professor Zharkova's web page.