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FREEDOM RESEARCH PODCAST #9. Professor Ian Plimer. A Geologist's Perspective to Our Changing Climate and How the 'Green Transition' Is Destroying the Environment.

Professor Plimer says that as a scientist he has learned to be skeptical about everything and 'climate science' is no exception. Although much of 'climate debate' is not even science but propaganda.

2023 was declared the warmest year on record. We have long been told that we are experiencing a catastrophic man-made global warming. Last year UN secretary-general António Guterres told us that we have entered the era of 'global boiling'. How would a geologist and an Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences comment on this?

“I've been told many things in life. I've been told there was Father Christmas. I've been told there were fairies. I've been told – this was a long-long time ago – by young women that they love me. Well, you learn to be skeptical,” professor Plimer answers this question jokingly. He adds that he is not at all interested in what he is told but in the evidence. In the podcast interview, he explains that as a geologist he has been taught to observe. And then to think about the observations to see if they are in accord with previous observations. And it is as a result of such training, he says, that he can confirm that the current talk of 'climate emergency' has got nothing to do with science or the environment. “It is a mechanism whereby unelected elites are attempting to control us. And they attempt to control us by using science. By using mathematics. By telling us that the world is in a crisis that the world is going to end. We've had thousands of years of people telling us the world is going to end. And if just one of these predictions was correct, we wouldn't be here. So, as a scientist I have been trained to be skeptical about everything,” he says.

Ian Plimer is a geologist from Australia. He is an Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences at the University of Melbourne, where he previously served as the Professor and Head of Earth Sciences for almost 15 years. He has also been a professor at the University of Newcastle and University of Adelaide and elsewhere, as he has a long career behind him. He has published more than 130 scientific papers and 15 books and was one of the editors of the Encyclopedia of Geology. His books can be found on the web page of his publisher.