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FREEDOM RESEARCH TV. Lawyer Philipp Kruse on Why We Should Reject the New WHO Treaties

Swiss lawyer Philipp Kruse has been vocal in his criticism on the new WHO treaties and in this interview, he brings out the exact threats they pose to individual freedoms and democratic society.

Philipp Kruse is an accomplished lawyer who runs his own law firm in Zurich. Having previously concentrated on tax and business law, he has in recent years dealt increasingly with legislation around so-called health issues, defending people's rights in the face of arbitrary decisions taken by the state in the Covid crisis. He has also closely followed developments at the World Health Organization (WHO) and critically analysed the legal implications of the WHO's 'pandemic treaty' and the International Health Regulations, which are currently being amended.

In an interview with us, he discusses the problems of the WHO, the motives of its financiers, and how these new treaties would empower the organisation in the future.

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